Masca – The Lost Village

Masca – The Lost Village

On Tenerife’s northwest is the tiny village of Masca, or “the lost village.” According to folk tale this is an old pirate village, but pirates ruled the nearby seas in the 16th century.
The first road to the village was built in 1972. Before that, the village had been closed off in this deep valley between high mountains, inaccessible except on foot. This small town is one of Tenerife’s main tourist attractions.

Only around 100 people live in Masca. Half of the houses were destroyed in forest fires in 2007, but thankfully no lives were lost.


For hikers, there is another and more advanced way to Masca, which is from the bottom and up. People usually travel in small groups coming by boat from Puerto de Santiago, a nearby town. The hike from the small beach up to Masca takes approximately 3-4 hours one way. Some climbing may be necessary, as the valley is quite steep.

Ice cold refreshments await you at Blanky Bar when you arrive in Masca
The road to Masca is popular among cyclists